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CGPA to Percentage Calculator

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CGPA, short for Cumulative Grade Point Average, is a widely used metric in educational systems to represent a student's overall academic performance. However, depending on the institution or country, you might encounter grades expressed as percentages. This can lead to confusion when trying to compare academic achievements across different institutions. But worry not! Converting your CGPA to a percentage is easier than you think.

Understanding CGPA
CGPA is a numerical representation of a student's average grade across all semesters or years of their program. Each course is assigned a letter grade (A, B, C, etc.) that corresponds to a numerical value. The CGPA is calculated by taking the average of all these numerical grade values.

Here's a breakdown of a typical CGPA calculation:
Assign numerical values to letter grades: Each letter grade has a corresponding numerical value. For example, A might be 4.0, B might be 3.0, and so on. The specific scale might vary slightly depending on the institution.
Multiply grade value by credit hours: Each course usually carries a certain number of credit hours, reflecting the workload involved. Multiply the numerical grade value of each course by its corresponding credit hours.
Sum the weighted grades: Add up the products obtained in step 2 for all courses.
Divide by total credit hours: Divide the sum obtained in step 3 by the total number of credit hours taken throughout your program. The result is your CGPA.

Example (cgpa to percentage):
Let's say you took 5 courses, each with 3 credit hours. You received an A (4.0), two Bs (3.0), and two Cs (2.0).

Course 1: 4.0 (A) * 3 = 12
Course 2: 3.0 (B) * 3 = 9
Course 3: 3.0 (B) * 3 = 9
Course 4: 2.0 (C) * 3 = 6
Course 5: 2.0 (C) * 3 = 6

Total weighted grades: 12 + 9 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 42 Total credit hours: 5 courses * 3 credit hours/course = 15
CGPA: 42 (total weighted grades) / 15 (total credit hours) = 2.8

CGPA to Percentage Conversion
Now that you understand the concept of CGPA, let's explore how to convert it to a percentage. The conversion process typically involves multiplying your CGPA by a conversion factor. This factor varies depending on the institution's grading scale.

Here are some common conversion factors:
10-point CGPA scale: Multiply CGPA by 9.5 (e.g., CGPA of 3.2 x 9.5 = 30.4%)
4-point CGPA scale: Multiply CGPA by 25 (e.g., CGPA of 3.8 x 25 = 95%)

Important Note:
It's crucial to verify the specific conversion factor used by your institution. Some institutions might have their own unique conversion methods or tables. Check your academic handbook, transcripts, or consult with your academic advisor for the most accurate conversion information.